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Introducing Label Studio Champions!

Label Studio Team

Authored by Michael Ludden, Community @ Heartex

At Heartex, we’re putting community at the heart of everything we do, because we’re building the world’s leading open source data labeling tool, and that deserves the most vibrant community possible.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide value to our users and foster a healthy growing community, and to celebrate our approach to 3000 Label Studio Slack Community users, today we’re launching Label Studio Champions, where you can get rewarded for doing things you may already be inclined to do, and that are helpful to Label Studio and the community!

Now you can earn points towards fun and exclusive prizes such as custom swag, Label Studio Teams usage time and even a pair of solar-recharging headphones. We’ll be adding more Rewards and more Activities every week as well, so be sure to check back often!

You will earn points for Activities as simple as liking our Github repo, as complex as answering a technically difficult question from the community, and everything in between.

In addition, we’ve got a global leaderboard to track your progress and points totals so you can both engage in friendly rivalry with fellow Champions and Label Studio users and easily check how many points you’ve earned.

Label Studio Champions is, of course, free, so if you’re already a Label Studio user… check it out today!

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