For Enterprise-grade Data Labeling Needs.

Label Studio is built to enable AI and ML applications across any industry needs by providing data labeling at planet-scale.

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Multi-domain Labeling

Source data is often unstructured and is a raw collection in many forms and formats.  Using Label Studio, you can process data by labeling them in audio, image, markup, and text formats. This labeled data can then be used to generate models and use them in creating AI/ML applications for industry.

Custom Workflows

The differentiators among simple, complex, expansive, or expensive AI/ML tools is the ability to fit into existing workflows and being able to extend into new ones. Label Studio can be easily embedded into interfaces that power your current data science workflows without being disruptive., while also being extensible to support new ones.

Reports and Metrics

All annotation operations done using Label Studio can be evaluated against time, quality, and cost considerations. Build feature-rich dashboards about your data processing pipeline using the information that you can extract from Label Studio. For example, AI analytics for use in customer support, built using data from chatbots and performing sentiment analysis.  You could also feed metrics from within Label Studio into any other reporting tools. 

Open standards

It is possible to run Label Studio on your own infrastructure. This liberates you from any vendor lock-in concerns for your data science stack. Also, Label Studio is an open-source tool which you can customize to suit any bespoke needs within your enterprise. In addition, the Label Studio frontend is fully customizable.


Label Studio takes a privacy-aware approach to your data annotation needs. Label Studio’s agility allows you to enrich all your raw data without having to expose it outside the confines on your organization. This permits your teams to combine best-of-breed labelling while allowing you to be fully compliant with company policies. 

Fully Secure

Security of raw data is a top priority for any information technology department. By default, all data processed by Label Studio enjoys the same security as any web application in your organization. By ensuring that there are no transactions that are made with offsite servers or services, Label Studio helps maintain security.