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Release notes for Label Studio Enterprise


The release notes for Label Studio Community Edition is available on the Label Studio GitHub repository.

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2

This section highlights the new features and enhancements in Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.

New features and enhancements

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2 introduces the following new features and enhancements.

  • Label Studio Enterprise 2.2 introduces the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) version 2.0 standard. System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) is a popular protocol to manage access for services and applications across an organization. Use the SCIM guide to set up SCIM integration to manage access to Label Studio Enterprise in your organization.

Check the following video tutorial about SCIM and Okta setup.

  • Starting with this release, as an annotator you can create a rotated bounding box with the “three point click” or “two point click” feature to annotate images.

    • First point click - Starting point of the location to draw the bounding box.
    • Second point click - Define the rotation and width of the bounding box.
    • Third point click - Draw the height of the bounding box.

    Figure 1: Two point click rectangle.
    Figure 2: Three point click rectangle.

    After you create the bounding box, you can do the following:

    • Adjust it by moving the anchors or edges to the desired location on the canvas.
    • Determine that the orientation of the bounding box is effected.
    • See the orientation of the bounding box and determine the direction during the creation process.
  • This release includes the Last updated by column in Data Manager with information of updated_at - updated_by, annotator/reviewer (the person who made the last modifications for any of the annotations in this task) at updated_at time.

    Figure 3: "Last updated by" column in Data Manager.
  • This release introduces the go-back functionality (< icon) that allows you to navigate back to the previous task through the review stream.

    Figure 4: Go back to the previous task.
  • Starting with this release, you can create a Lead Time column in Data Manager with averaged lead time per task.

    Figure 5: Lead Time column in Data Manager.

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.10

This section highlights the bug fixes in Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.10.

Bug fixes

Label Studio 2.2.10 includes the following bug fixes:


  • Per label score for Choices was calculated when no Choice was selected [DEV-2688].
  • Fixed an error for actions with ordering by joined field [DEV-2658].
  • Fixed auto-generated docs for api/tasks [DEV-2737].


  • Fixed an issue when the Safari browser stopped working [DEV-2777].
  • Fixed scrollable area in Review mode [DEV-2348].

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.9

This section highlights the breaking changes, new features and enhancements, and bug fixes in Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.9.

Breaking changes

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.9 includes the following breaking change:

  • This release decommissions MinIO as a service [DEV-2600].

New features and enhancements

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.9 introduces the following new features and enhancements.


  • This release provides proxy support for content-range HTTP responses [DEV-2496].
  • Add API for project duplication [DEV-2538].


  • This release introduces the ability to select model version on model cards from the machine learning page >> Settings [DEV-1868].
  • Now, you can show the comments column in the Data Manager to reviewers [DEV-2598].


  • This release introduces Dynamic Labels templates. You can now show labels dynamically as a task input, either as a prediction from the model or from a database lookup. With a broader set of options, dynamic labeling saves time and increases the consistency of labeling the objects [DEV-2636].

Bug fixes

Label Studio 2.2.9 includes the following bug fixes:


  • Optimized dashboard-members API performance for reviews [DEV-1669].
  • Enabled Query optimization for Uniform Sampling in the Labeling Stream [DEV-2184].
  • Fixed runtime error when duration was not extracted on ASR_MANIFEST export [DEV-2095].
  • Fixed permissions for a manager role [DEV-2650].
  • Fixed annotation_id was provided as float value in CSV export [DEV-2139].
  • Replaced inner_id index with multicolumn [DEV-2667].
  • Recalculate stats when control weights were updated [DEV-2083].
  • Fixed empty agreement for taxonomy with extra labels [DEV-2440].
  • Fixed is_labeled calculation after task import [DEV-2389].


  • Fixed the regions that disappeared from UI in Annotation History [DEV-2408].
  • Improved the Annotation History name/timestamp spacing [DEV-23640].
  • Fixed audio crashes in View All mode [DEV-2199].
  • Pan does not finish the polygon [DEV-2068].
  • Fixed nested choices for the indeterminate state [DEV-2244].
  • Fixed an issue to get text after granularity was applied in Annotation Result [DEV-1592].
  • Zoomed image region out of bounds [DEV-2394].
  • Viewed all audio responsive [DEV-2203].
  • Fixed an issue where all parts of audio in the View All mode were equally responsive to browser size changes [DEV-2577].
  • Resynchronized annotations that failed to synchronize in Target Storage [DEV-1781].
  • Supported lengthy unbroken taxonomy line breaks [DEV-1975] and [DEV-1843].
  • Retained the size for key points [DEV-2577].
  • Display the correct number of member icons on project cards [DEV-2334].
  • Fixed rendering issue on video regions [DEV-2494].
  • Fixed the loading issue for Paragraph data on QuickView [DEV-2465].
  • Allowed edit action on Time Series results imported as read-only [DEV-2367].
  • Fixed Annotation History when exiting View All [DEV-2302].
  • Added X-axis zoom threshold [DEV-1714].
  • Added guard with an error message for non-incremental, non-sequential datasets in Time Series [DEV-2510].
  • Disabled the delete all region button when an annotation is read-only [DEV-2309].
  • Fixed blind Server-side Request Forgery (SSRF) on add model and import [DEV-2235].
  • Deselected the ImageView bounding box before creating another [DEV-1422].
  • Fixed data in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking in-app template [DEV-2604].
  • Unfinished polygon zoom fix [DEV-2313].
  • Fixed flickering issue when regions were created with the Bounding box [DEV-2592].
  • Video regions were edited when Annotation History was selected [DEV-2303].
  • Added background as a new parameter to text shortcuts [DEV-2423].
  • Fixed the form layout and allowed the model version selector when the ML backend was edited [DEV-1682].
  • Text and Header tags work with integers now [DEV-2459].
  • Fixed synchronization speed between video and audio [DEV-2207].
  • Fixed an issue with prop whenChoiceValue [DEV-1833].

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.8

This section highlights the breaking changes, new features and enhancements, and bug fixes in Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.8.

New features and enhancements

Label Studio Enterprise 2.2.8 introduces the following new features and enhancements.

  • This release displays comments in DM to reviewers [DEV-2598].
  • Support for Redis Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) [DEV-1768].
  • Add tags and prefixes to AWS metric parameters [DEV-1917].
  • Change review API to take into account feedback loop [DEV-2198].
  • Notification Center [DEV-1658]
  • Add drafts in Annotation History [DEV-2290].
  • Introduce new history types [DEV-2387].
  • Support for System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM 2.0) user and group provisioning [DEV-1823].
  • Add the ability to pass a comment to APIs on skip [DEV-2458].


Label Studio 2.2.8 includes the following bug fixes:

  • Per label score for Choices was calculated when no Choice was selected (hotfix-7) [DEV-2688].
  • Fixed Rotating bounding box bugs (hotfix-4) [DEV-2647]
  • Fixed permissions for manager role (hotfix-3) [DEV-2650]
  • Fixed export to file using SerializableGenerator [DEV-2248].
  • Fixed accepted state in review. [DEV-2256]
  • Made Annotation History with linear Reject (Reject = Update + Reject) [DEV-2263].
  • Fixed Annotation History icons [DEV-2264].
  • Annotation history fixes [DEV-2265], [DEV-2268], [DEV-2271].
  • Fixed an issue where the Annotation History was not loading because of string ID [DEV-2278].
  • Fixed validation in Labeling Interface preview with Dynamic Labels [DEV-2249].
  • Fixed history 404 on unskip in label stream [DEV-2262].
  • Fixed Annotation History reset for predictions [DEV-2271].
  • Fixed job cancellation for _update_tasks_states [DEV-2294].
  • Fixed an issue to return 404 for api/project/id/tasks when the page was out of scope [DEV-2336]
  • Interactive preannotations for Paragraphs [DEV-2253].
  • Improved the speed to 180 secs for assigned tasks [DEV-2060].
  • Disabled Poly and Keypoints for Annotation History [DEV-2283].
  • Fixed tools multiplication issue [DEV-1690].
  • Prevented the scroll-out TopBar option [DEV-2348].
  • Fixed skip queue [DEV-2354].
  • Allowed Canvas to fill all the space [DEV-930].
  • Truncated long words in comments [DEV-2267].
  • Added scroll to view when focus changes to stickyList in table component [DEV-1703].
  • Used contain instead of icontain for Annotation Result field in the Data manager filters [DEV-2214].
  • Fixed is_labeled for tasks with no assignments [DEV-1872].
  • Added default settings [DEV-1577].
  • Implemented Go back to previously reviewed task functionality for reviewing stream [DEV-1676].
  • Refactored and optimized Redis Queues [DEV-2213].
  • Fixed runtime error during import with no total_annotations and other [DEV-2374].
  • Reviewed Next Task API performance optimizations [DEV-2350].
  • Fixed the reset rejected status after the annotation update. [DEV-2216], [DEV-2321].
  • Fixed skip Annotation History for the previous task in label stream [DEV-2407].
  • Fixed Reviewed filter [DEV-1948].
  • Fixed counters for skipped annotations [DEV-2406].
  • Fixed an issue where tasks were flagged as REVIEWED by default [DEV-2438].
  • Fixed an issue for skipped tasks to get the Completed status [DEV-2413].
  • Fixed error when a user tried to delete all tasks [DEV-2456].
  • Fixed filter by empty reviewers [DEV-2390].
  • Fixed incorrect review card counters in the feedback loop for skipped annotations [DEV-2433].
  • Moved from signal to model delete method [DEV-2410].
  • Added new skip behavior for annotations that are requeued back to annotator [DEV-2617].
  • Fixed Annotation History drafts [DEV-2290].
  • Fixed regions for text span when it was out of bounding in the regions list and created horizontal scroll [DEV-2473].
  • Fixed in Manage Members modal (on project Members tab, on workspace members, on Members settings) header with search overlaps by the main list [DEV-2473].
  • Fixed Textarea for Custom Function on the Quality settings page [DEV-2473].
  • Fixed startOffset for empty nodes [DEV-2480].
  • Fixed the runtime error for users who deleted an annotation from Quick View, switched to another task, and returned back to the same task [DEV-2306].
  • Added command for all orgs and optimize update_tasks_counters [DEV-2492].
  • After annotations from predictions is_labeled should be recalculated [DEV-2490].
  • Fixed 404 on skip [DEV-2416].