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The AudioPlus tag plays audio and shows its waveform. Use for audio annotation tasks where you want to label regions of audio, see the waveform, and manipulate audio during annotation.

Use with the following data types: audio


Param Type Default Description
name string Name of the element
value string Data field containing path or a URL to the audio
[volume] boolean false Whether to show a volume slider (from 0 to 1)
[speed] boolean false Whether to show a speed slider (from 0.5 to 3)
[zoom] boolean true Whether to show the zoom slider
[hotkey] string Hotkey used to play or pause audio
[sync] string object name to sync with


<!--Labeling configuration to label regions of audio and rate the audio sample-->
  <Labels name="lbl-1" toName="audio-1">
    <Label value="Guitar" />
    <Label value="Drums" />
  <Rating name="rate-1" toName="audio-1" />
  <AudioPlus name="audio-1" value="$audio" />