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Store annotations in a PostgreSQL database


Integrate PostgreSQL with Label Studio to use it as a database for storing annotation data. With PostgreSQL’s built-in JSONB data type, querying stored data through a JSON query allows users to further analyze and extract insights from the annotation data.


Integrating PostgreSQL with Label Studio provides the following benefits:

  • Data Persistence: PostgreSQL is a robust and reliable database that can store and manage large amounts of data. Integrating Label Studio with PostgreSQL allows for storing annotation data that is safe, secure, and easily accessible.
  • Data Analysis: PostgreSQL provides powerful querying capabilities that allow users to extract insights from your annotation data. This can be useful for understanding patterns in the data and making data-driven decisions.
  • Flexibility: Integrating Label Studio with PostgreSQL allows users to customize their annotation data storage to specific needs. Users can create or add indexes and constraints and use PostgreSQL’s built-in JSONB data type to store Label Studio’s annotation data.
  • Scalability: PostgreSQL is known for its scalability and can handle high-volume data loads, enabling users to handle large datasets easily.
  • Backups and Recovery: PostgreSQL has a built-in system for backup and recovery, allowing teams to be ensured their data is protected in case of unexpected events or failures.

Overall, the integration of PostgreSQL with Label Studio provides users with a powerful tool for storing, managing, and analyzing their annotation data, which can help in various stages of the data annotation process, such as quality control and data analysis.

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