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Quick Start
# Install the package
into python virtual environment
pip install -U label-studio
# Launch it!
# Install the cask
brew install heartexlabs/tap/label-studio
# Launch it!
# Clone repo
git clone
# Install dependencies
cd label-studio
pip install -e .
# Apply DB migrations
python label_studio/ migrate
# Collect static files
python label_studio/ collectstatic
# Launch
python label_studio/ runserver
# Run latest Docker version
docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v `pwd`/mydata:/label-studio/data heartexlabs/label-studio:latest
# Now visit http://localhost:8080/

Label Every Data Type

Computer Vision

  • Image Classification
    Put images into categories
  • Object Detection
    Detect objects on image, bboxes, polygons, circular, and keypoints supported
  • Semantic Segmentation
    Partition image into multiple segments. Use ML models to pre-label and optimize the process

Audio & Speech Applications

  • Classification
    Put audio into categories
  • Speaker Diarization
    Partition an input audio stream into homogeneous segments according to the speaker identity
  • Emotion Recognition
    Tag and identify emotion from the audio.
  • Audio Transcription
    Write down verbal communication in text

NLP, Documents, Chatbots, Transcripts

  • Classification
    Classify document into one or multiple categories. Use taxonomies of up to 10000 classes
  • Named Entity
    Extract and put relevant bits of information into pre-defined categories
  • Question Answering
    Answer questions based on context
  • Sentiment Analysis
    Determine whether a document is positive, negative or neutral

Robots, Sensors, IoT Devices

  • Classification
    Put time series into categories
  • Segmentation
    Identify regions relevant to the activity type you're building your ML algorithm for
  • Event Recognition
    Label single events on plots of time series data

Multi-Domain Applications

  • Dialogue Processing
    Call center recording can be simultaneously transcribed and processed as text
  • Optical Character Recognition
    Put an image and text right next to each other
  • Time Series with Reference
    Use video or audio streams to easier segment time series data

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Perform Interactive ML-Assisted Labeling with Label Studio 1.3.0

At Label Studio, we’re always looking for ways to help you accelerate your data annotation process. With the release of version 1.3.0, you can perform model-assisted labeling with any connected machine learning backend.

By interactively predicting annotations, expert human annotators can work alongside pretrained machine learning models or rule-based heuristics to more efficiently complete labeling tasks, helping you get more value from your annotation process and make progress in your machine learning workflow sooner.

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If you have a machine learning pipeline, or retrain your models frequently based on newly-annotated data, you know that it can be challenging to automate that process. Now that Label Studio supports webhooks, you can automatically receive updates every time a new annotation is created or a project is updated to include different labels.

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Like all machine learning tasks, creating datasets and training the machine learning models for your use case is a tedious and time-consuming requirement. With Label Studio you can collaborate with a team of annotators and quickly label a training dataset for a custom YOLO object detection model.

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