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data labeling, annotation
and exploration tool

  • — Simplicity built-in, no overcomplicated UIs
  • — Mobile-Friendly, adaptable for any device
  • — Visually configurable from top to the bottom

Image Bounding Box

Audio Transcription

Dialogue Analysis

Audio Regions

Named Entity Recognition


# Clone the repository
git clone

# Launch the development server
cd label-studio/backend

Check out the templates configured for specific data labeling needs.



Using HTML-like tags, you can quickly configure the UI for your particular needs. It's not just an image or text. It can be a pairwise comparison, multi-type classification, and beyond. Label Studio is a swiss army knife of data labeling and annotation.

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Multiple data types

Label Studio is type agnostic. The overall goal is to be able to process all data types. Right now it supports Audio, Text, and Images.

Each interface can include a mix of the types with different workflows.

Embeddable and Extendable

Label Studio includes a powerful embedding feature that enables you to embed entire UI in your pipeline. You can extend core functionality with new visual constructs and customize it for different use cases.

Looking to scale?

  • — Do you have more data than you can possibly label by hand?
  • — Do you want to distribute the labeling to multiple annotators?
  • — Do you want to control the quality of the annotations?
  • — Do you want to include your entire team into the process to achive greater results?

We provide commercial offering built on top of Label Studio.