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Launch Label Studio in a Docker Container


Label Studio can be launched with a Docker container, allowing for the easy deployment and management of Label Studio. Docker allows users to run Label Studio in a containerized environment on a variety of platforms. Get started with Label Studio and Docker through the official Dockerfile.


Running Label Studio in Docker allows for benefits including:

  1. Isolation: Docker containers provide isolation, allowing users to run multiple instances of Label Studio on the same host without interfering with each other.
  2. Portability: Docker containers can be easily moved between different environments, from development to production, making it easy to deploy and run Label Studio on different platforms.
  3. Versioning: Docker allows for easy versioning of the Label Studio application and its dependencies, which makes it easy to roll back or upgrade to a different version of the application.
  4. Scalability: Docker allows for easy scaling of Label Studio instances through common orchestration platforms like Kubernetes, which can be helpful for large-scale annotation projects.
  5. Consistency: Packaging the Label Studio application and its dependencies in a Docker container ensures that the application runs consistently across different environments, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. This is particularly useful for teams that must ensure that annotation projects run consistently across different locations or environments.

Overall, the integration of Docker with Label Studio provides users with a powerful tool for deploying, managing, and scaling the application, which helps in various stages of the data annotation process, such as development, testing, and production.

Label Studio can also be integrated with other containerization platforms, such as Kubernetes or Mesos. Check the documentation for the best practices and instructions for details about specific use cases.

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