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Deploy and scale Label Studio with Kubernetes and Helm


Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration platform that automates containerized applications' deployment, scaling, and management. Use the Label Studio Helm Chart to bootstrap a Label Studio deployment on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager.

Overall, integrating Kubernetes with Label Studio can provide a more robust and scalable solution for managing annotation projects, as well as allowing for more efficient use of resources.


Installing Label Studio on Kubernetes has the following benefits:

  • Scalability: Kubernetes allows for easy scaling of the Label Studio, so users can handle many annotation tasks without worrying about resource constraints.
  • Resource management: Kubernetes can automatically manage the resources used by the Label Studio server and annotation workers, ensuring they have the necessary resources to perform their tasks.
  • High availability: With Kubernetes, users can create multiple replicas of the Label Studio backend, providing high availability and reducing the risk of downtime.
  • Automation: Kubernetes provides automation tools, like Helm, that can be used to automate the deployment, scaling, and management of Label Studio and its dependencies.
  • Monitoring and logging: Kubernetes has built-in monitoring and logging capabilities that can be used to monitor and debug the Label Studio server and annotation workers, helping to identify and resolve issues more quickly.
  • Flexibility: Kubernetes supports running Label Studio on different environments, for example, on-premises or in the cloud, and also allows for easy integration with other third-party services and tools.

Running Label Studio on Kubernetes allows for enhanced features that may be helpful to your organization, especially for those with rapidly scaling MLOps teams.

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