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Install Label Studio with Terraform


The Label Studio Terraform Module allows users to deploy an instance of Label Studio or Label Studio Enterprise on AWS. Automate the process of setting up and managing the infrastructure to host Label Studio, reducing the need for manual configuration and making it easier to replicate the setup in different environments.


Deploying Label Studio on Terraform provides the following benefits:

  • Automation: Terraform automates the provisioning and configuring of the infrastructure required to run Label Studio, reducing manual configuration and making replicating the setup in different environments easier.
  • Repeatability: Terraform's infrastructure-as-code approach allows for the versioning and tracking of changes to one’s Label Studio infrastructure. This makes it easier to roll back to previous versions if needed.
  • Scalability: Terraform can provision and manage resources on cloud providers, making it easy to scale with a team’s evolving demands.
  • Improved reliability: Terraform helps to ensure that the infrastructure for Label Studio is configured consistently and correctly, reducing the risk of misconfigurations and improving the platform's reliability.
  • Cost savings: Terraform helps optimize resource use and minimize unnecessary costs through efficiency in resource management.

Using the Label Studio Terraform Module provides users a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to manage and configure the infrastructure required to run Label Studio.

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