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Launch Label Studio in Hugging Face Spaces


Label Studio can be deployed on Hugging Face Spaces, a community platform for hosting and sharing machine learning applications. Launch a personal demonstration instance of Label Studio with just one click, and begin collaborating on data annotation projects.

The Label Studio space includes all the features of Label Studio, including a machine learning API that can be connected to a wide variety of models. Automate data annotation with machine learning predictions, and fine-tune models through active learning.

With some additional configuration, a Hugging Face Spaces instance of Label Studio can securely attach to cloud storage to store project data—including annotations and user settings—in a remotely attached database.

Data can also be persisted directly to Hugging Face Spaces, giving you a single location for hosting the open source edition of Label Studio and project information.


  • Fast Installation: Hosting Label Studio on your own infrastructure is unnecessary. The application can be replicated and launched in your Hugging Face account with just one click.
  • Easy Collaboration: Share an instance of the Label Studio space with colleagues to collaborate on annotation projects.
  • Adaptable: Label Studio spaces can be adapted to meet the exact needs of your project through its integrations with external databases, cloud storage, and machine learning models.

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