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Evaluate LLM Output Quality with LangChain


LangChain is a framework for developing applications powered by large language models (LLMs). It expands upon models, making them data-aware by connecting the model to other sources of data (for example, GitHub repositories), and by making them agentic (allowing the model to interact with its environment).

Label Studio integrates with LangChain through an official callback plugin, making it possible to send both prompts and outputs to Label Studio for human feedback and evaluation.


  1. Accelerate Development with Components: LangChain components are easy-to-use abstractions for working with language models, and each component has accompanying implementations. Components can be used standalone or with the rest of the LangChain framework
  2. Off-The-Shelf-Chains for Higher Level Tasks: LangChain includes a structured collection of components for accomplishing specific higher-level tasks.

Together, LangChain and Label Studio gives you a platform for building the complete lifecycle of an LLM application, from training the model on expert knowledge to fine-tuning results with human feedback.

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