🤝 Label Studio 1.11.0!Featuring a new unified codebase

Annotation UI Update

Label Studio Enterprise has a new annotations UI that’s more ergonomic, efficient, and ready to support larger, more complex tasks with dozens to hundreds of regions. The new UI features sleek new interactions and capabilities for annotators, including:

- New, dual ‘Region’ and ‘Details’ control panels vs a single sidebar, allowing you to view all pertinent information about the task without scrolling

- Collapsable, draggable and resize-able panels to customize your workspace, especially if you want to view images or video at a larger scale

- More granular controls for each region, including the ability to precisely set width, height and coordinates to fit an object for pixel perfect annotations

- Cleaner interface to group, organize regions, link, add metadata, and delete regions, plus new functionality to lock regions

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