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Release notes

Announcing Label Studio version 1.2.0 with Webhooks!

Label Studio Team

The latest version of Label Studio introduces webhooks, an oft-requested feature. Now you can subscribe to events such as annotation created, task created, or project created, and trigger changes in your machine learning model pipelines.

Webhooks allow you to automatically make changes based on actions happening in Label Studio. Take advantage of the new webhook events to:

  • Trigger updates to versioned datasets in Pachyderm or DVC.
  • Set up an active learning workflow based on frequently-updated data annotations.
  • Notify annotators about a new labeling project.
  • Start training a machine learning model after a certain number of tasks have been annotated.

And more! Install or upgrade Label Studio and start using webhooks today!

This release of Label Studio also includes the same fixes and features in version 1.1.1.

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