🤝 Label Studio 1.11.0!Featuring a new unified codebase

September 2023 Community News!

Label Studio Team

🔮 Autocomplete in Label Studio 1.9.0!

The latest version of Label Studio includes labeling configuration autocomplete, which streamlines working in the code view when setting up custom labeling interfaces or modifying existing templates. Label Studio will automatically offer suggestions for label completions, along with rich documentation on the additional features available for each configuration tag as you craft your labeling interface. Autocomplete makes it faster and easier to build error-free labeling interfaces that meet your exact needs. Check out the blog post for an overview, or head over to GitHub for the latest release notes and full download.

👩‍💻 Contribute to Label Studio! Check out the new guidelines

The Label Studio development team just released updated contribution guidelines. While one of the most common ways to contribute to open-source software is through code, there are many other ways to participate in the community development and maintenance of Label Studio.

In addition to code pull requests, you can contribute through bug reports, documentation fixes, feature requests, labeling templates, storage backends, and machine learning examples. You can also participate in the Label Studio community Slack by engaging with the rest of the community and answering questions. No contribution is too small!

Learn how to submit a feature request, labeling template, or machine learning example in the Label Studio GitHub repository.

🎉 Community Shoutouts

Our sincere thanks to all of the Label Studio community members who have helped improve Label Studio through their contributions. These include:

  • Shuyang Sun for providing detailed instructions and a suggested fix for an issue with the S3 target storage configuration.
  • GitHub user Cobac for helping to resolve some Python dependency issues.
  • Hoàng Tiến Dũng for identifying a regression in file upload limits and proposing a solution.
  • Alex Elttam for their contributions to improving the reliability and security of Label Studio.

💻 Live Webinar: 10 Tips to Double Your Labeling Efficiency

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 | 10:00 AM EDT

Sit down with Label Studio user Sense Street to hear how they increased annotation efficiency through a combination of tooling and management.

In this live webinar, they will share their top 10 tips to help you get the most from your labeling team. You’ll learn:

  • The crucial role of human labelers in the success of AI training
  • Key processes to boost labeling productivity
  • How Label Studio features enhance workflow
  • Approaches to streamline labeling workload distribution
  • And much more

🎈 Annotations

🌍 GitHub recently released a new data exploration feature, Innovation Graph, that lets you dive into standard metrics like pull requests, issues, and license types related to different economies worldwide. The data is open source, and the repository contains structured data files of public activity aggregated by economies quarterly from 2020 onward. You can use the custom landing page to search through the data or build your analytics directly against the datasets.

👩‍🔬 The MIT Technology Review released its 2023 list of 35 Innovators Under 35. This year’s list includes 8 Innovators in Artificial Intelligence, with an emphasis on scientists engaged in research that is helping to reshape the way we think about safety in AI.

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