Add users to Label Studio

Sign up and create an account for Label Studio to start labeling data and setting up projects.


In Label Studio Community Edition, all users have access to the same functionality and can see all projects.

If you require role-based access and permissions, consider upgrading to Label Studio Enterprise. For more information about the user management capabilities of Label Studio Enterprise, see User management overview in the Enterprise documentation. To start a free trial, click here.

Create an account

When you first start Label Studio, you see the sign up screen.

  1. Create an account with your email address and a password.
  2. Log in to Label Studio.

Accounts that you create are stored locally on the Label Studio server and allow multiple annotators to collaborate on a specific data labeling project.

Create an account through the command line

You can also create an account from the command line when you start Label Studio.

label-studio start --username <username> --password <password> [--user-token <token-at-least-5-chars>]


The --user-token argument is optional. If you don't set the user token, one is automatically generated for the user. Use the user token for API access. The minimum token length is 5 characters.

Invite users to Label Studio


To invite collaborators, you only need a single Label Studio instance, and all your team members should have access to it. If you want to build a simple solution that exposes Label Studio outside of your local network, you can try ngrock.

Once the initial organization account is created, you can begin inviting users:

  1. Open Label Studio and click the menu in the upper left.
  2. Select Organization.
  3. From the Organization page, click Add People.

From here you can copy a link that is unique to your organization.

You can share this link with users, who can then complete the registration process.

Click Reset Link to reset the link. When reset, anyone who have the old link will be unable to register a new user account.

Security Note

Resetting the invitation link is a security measure that should be part of a broader strategy of controlling access, which includes disabling the signup page. See Require invites for new users below.

Require invites for new users

While you can invite users to join your organization with the invite link, this does not prevent users from registering new account through the signup page.

To ensure that only users with an invite link are able to join, you must configure your environment variables.

Restrict signup for local deployments

To disable the signup page unless someone uses the invitation link, enter the following command after installing Label Studio:


Restrict signup for cloud deployments

To restrict signup to only those with a link on cloud deployments, set the following environment variables after you install but before you start Label Studio:


# token is optional, it is generated automatically if not set

Once set, you can start Label Studio and log in with the username and password that you set as environment variables.