User management

Sign up and create an account for Label Studio to start labeling data and setting up projects.

Everyone with an account in Label Studio has access to the same functionality. If you’re using Label Studio Enterprise, see Manage access to Label Studio for details about what role-based access control is available.

Create an account

When you first start Label Studio, you see the sign up screen.

  1. Create an account with your email address and a password.
  2. Log in to Label Studio.

Accounts that you create are stored locally on the Label Studio server and allow multiple annotators to collaborate on a specific data labeling project.

If you want, you can create an account from the command line when you start Label Studio.

label-studio start --username <username> --password <password> [--user-token <token-at-least-5-chars>]

!!! note
The --user-token argument is optional. If you don’t set the user token, one is automatically generated for the user. Use the user token for API access. The minimum token length is 5 characters.

Retrieve user info from the command line

You can retrieve information about a user, including the API user token for a user, from the command line after starting Label Studio.

From the command line, run the following:

label-studio user --username <username>

You can see user info as the last line of the response. For example:

=> User info:
{'id': 1, 'first_name': 'User', 'last_name': 'Somebody', 'username': 'label-studio', 'email': '', 'last_activity': '2021-06-15T19:37:29.594618Z', 'avatar': '/data/avatars/071280b8-48ACD59200000578-5322459-image-m-23_1517162202847.jpg', 'initials': 'el', 'phone': '', 'active_organization': 1, 'token': '1bc2c33cb44e56cb9f1e191238ffb78564675faa', 'status': 'ok'}

You can use the output to retrieve the token for a user and use the token to call the API. You can also retrieve the user token from the Label Studio UI. See more in the Label Studio API documentation.

Restrict signup for local deployments

To restrict who has access to your Label Studio instance, invite collaborators directly using an invitation link.

To disable the signup page unless someone uses the invitation link, do the following from the command line after installing Label Studio:


You can then start Label Studio and create an account for yourself to use to log into Label Studio:

label-studio start --username <username> --password <password>

After you log into Label Studio, you can start inviting collaborators.

Restrict signup for cloud deployments

To restrict signup to only those with a link on cloud deployments, set the following environment variables after you install but before you start Label Studio:


# token is optional, it is generated automatically if not set

Then, start Label Studio and log in with the username and password that you set as environment variables and start inviting collaborators.

Invite collaborators to a project

!!! note
To invite collaborators, you only need a single Label Studio instance, and all your team members should have access to it. If you want to build a simple solution that exposes Label Studio outside of your local network, you can try ngrock.

After you set up a labeling project, invite annotators to the project to start collaborating on labeling tasks. Inviting people to your Label Studio instance with a link does not restrict access to the signup page unless you also set an environment variable. See how to Restrict signup for local deployments and Restrict signup for cloud deployments on this page.

  1. In the Label Studio UI, click the hamburger icon and click People.
  2. Click + Add People.
  3. Copy the invitation link and share it with those that you want to invite to Label Studio. If you need to update the link and deactivate the old one, return to this page and click Reset Link. The link only resets if the signup page is also disabled.

Team Member Permissions in Label Studio Community Edition

In the opensource version of Label Studio, all members have administrator rights and are granted full access to all features and functions. If you require role-based access control, consider using Label Studio Enterprise, see more details here.

Manage your account in Label Studio

After you create an account in Label Studio, you can make changes to it as needed.

  1. From the Label Studio UI, click the user icon in the upper right.
  2. Click Account & Settings.
  3. Update your display name and add a profile picture no larger than 512 x 512 pixels.
  4. Click Save.

Review existing accounts in Label Studio

You can review the existing accounts in Label Studio to see which people created which projects, and to which projects they contributed annotations.

  1. From the Label Studio UI, click the hamburger icon and click People.
  2. Review the list of users by email address and name. You can see the last time a user was active in Label Studio.
  3. Click a row to see additional detail about a specific user, including the projects that they created or contributed annotations to.

Reset password

If you forget your password or change passwords regularly for security reasons, you can change it from the command line.

  1. On the server running Label Studio, run the following command:
label-studio reset_password
  1. When prompted, type the username and the new password. You see Password successfully changed.

You can also use optional command line arguments to reset the password for a username.

  • Specify the username and type the password when prompted:
label-studio reset_password --username <username>
New password:
  • Specify both the username and the password:
label-studio reset_password --username <username> --password <password>