Label Studio Python SDK

The Label Studio Python SDK allows you to seamlessly integrate Label Studio into your data science and machine learning pipelines.

The SDK provides a set of predefined classes and methods to interact with the Label Studio API directly from your Python scripts, making it easier to manage projects, import tasks, and handle annotations.

Benefits to using the Python SDK

  • Streamlined API Interactions: The SDK simplifies API interactions with user-friendly Python methods and classes.
  • Integration: Easily integrate Label Studio actions into your existing data science workflows.
  • Automation: Automate repetitive tasks such as project creation, task imports, and data exports.
  • Enhanced Data Preparation: Use filters and custom configurations to prepare and manage data efficiently, ensuring high-quality annotations.
  • Asynchronous Operations: Perform asynchronous data operations for better performance and handling of large datasets.

Start using the Label Studio Python SDK

  1. Install the SDK: pip install label-studio-sdk
  2. In your Python script, do the following:
    • Import the SDK.
    • Define your API key and Label Studio URL. The API key is available from your Account & Settings page.
    • Connect to the API.
      # Define the URL where Label Studio is accessible and the API key for your user account
      LABEL_STUDIO_URL = 'http://localhost:8080'
      API_KEY = 'd6f8a2622d39e9d89ff0dfef1a80ad877f4ee9e3'
      # Import the SDK and the client module
      from label_studio_sdk.client import LabelStudio
      # Connect to the Label Studio API and check the connection
      ls = LabelStudio(base_url=LABEL_STUDIO_URL, api_key=API_KEY)

SDK versions and compatibility

In June 2024, we released SDK 1.0. The previous SDK (version <1) is deprecated and no longer supported. We recommend upgrading to the latest version.

If you still want to use the older version, you can install it using pip install "label-studio-sdk<1".

You can also check out an older branch version in the GitHub repository:

git clone
cd label-studio-sdk
git fetch origin
git checkout release/0.0.34

Or you can simply modify you code to change the import stream as follows:

from label_studio_sdk._legacy import Client
from label_studio_sdk.data_manager import Filters, Column, Operator, Type
from label_studio_sdk._legacy import Project

If you’re looking for the documentation for the older version, you can find it here.