Check out Check out release 1.7 with Improved Audio Labeling

Quick Start


The List tag is used to rank results, for example for recommendation systems.

Use with the following data types: audio, image, HTML, paragraphs, text.


Param Type Default Description
elementValue string Lookup key for a child object
[elementTag] Text | Image | Audio Text Object tag used to render children
value string List values
name string Name of group
[sortedHighlightColor] string Sorted color in HTML color name
[axis] x | y y Axis used for drag and drop
lockAxis x | y Whether to lock the axis


Labeling configuration for a list of possible reply options that can be ranked

 <HyperText name="page" value="$markup"></HyperText>
 <List name="ranker" value="$replies" elementValue="$text" elementTag="Text" ranked="true" sortedHighlightColor="#fcfff5"></List>