The List tag is used to display a list of similar items like articles, search results, etc. Task data referred in value parameter should be an array of objects with id, title, and body fields.
It’s much more lightweight than group of other tags like Text. And you can attach classification to provide additional data about this list.
Can be used with Ranker tag to rank items or pick relevant items from a list.
Items can be styled in Style tag by using .htx-ranker-item class.


Param Type Description
name string Name of the element
value string Data field containing a JSON with array of objects (id, title, body) to rank
[title] string Title of the list


Visual appearance can be changed via Style tag with these classnames

    .htx-ranker-column { background: cornflowerblue; }
    .htx-ranker-item { background: lightgoldenrodyellow; }
  <List name="results" value="$items" title="Search Results" />


Example data for List tag

  "items": [
    { "id": "blog", "title": "10 tips to write a better function", "body": "There is nothing worse than being left in the lurch when it comes to writing a function!" },
    { "id": "mdn", "title": "Arrow function expressions", "body": "An arrow function expression is a compact alternative to a traditional function" },
    { "id": "wiki", "title": "Arrow (computer science)", "body": "In computer science, arrows or bolts are a type class..." }
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