Check out release 1.6 with Video Object Tracking

Quick Start


Use the List tag to rank results, for example for recommendation systems.

Use with the following data types: audio, image, HTML, paragraphs, text


Param Type Default Description
elementValue string Lookup key for a child object
[elementTag] Text | Image | Audio Text Object tag used to render children
value string List values
name string Name of group
[sortedHighlightColor] string Sorted color in HTML color name
[axis] x | y y Axis used for drag and drop
lockAxis x | y Whether to lock the axis


<!--Labeling configuration for a list of possible reply options that can be ranked-->
 <HyperText name="page" value="$markup"></HyperText>
 <List name="ranker" value="$replies" elementValue="$text" elementTag="Text" ranked="true" sortedHighlightColor="#fcfff5"></List>