The Shortcut tag to define a shortcut that annotators can use to add a predefined object, such as a specific label value, with a hotkey or keyboard shortcut.

Use with the following data types:

  • Audio
  • Image
  • HTML
  • Paragraphs
  • Text
  • Time series
  • Video


Param Type Default Description
value string The value of the shortcut
[alias] string Shortcut alias
[hotkey] string Hotkey
[background] string "#333333" Background color in hexadecimal


Basic labeling configuration to add a shortcut that places the text SILENCE in a given Text Area while doing transcription.

Note: The default background color for the Shortcut tag is grey color.

You can change the background color using text or hexadecimal format in the background parameter.

  <TextArea name="txt-1">
    <Shortcut alias="Silence" value="SILENCE" hotkey="ctrl+1" background="#3333333" />
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