The KeyPoint tag is used to add a key point to an image without selecting a label. This can be useful when you have only one label to assign to the key point.

Use with the following data types: image.


Param Type Default Description
name string Name of the element
toName string Name of the image to label
[opacity] float 0.9 Opacity of keypoint
[fillColor] string "#8bad00" Keypoint fill color in hexadecimal
[strokeWidth] number 1 Width of the stroke
[strokeColor] string "#8bad00" Keypoint stroke color in hexadecimal
[smart] boolean Show smart tool for interactive pre-annotations
[smartOnly] boolean Only show smart tool for interactive pre-annotations
[snap] pixel | none none Snap keypoint to image pixels


Basic keypoint image labeling configuration

  <KeyPoint name="kp-1" toName="img-1" />
  <Image name="img-1" value="$img" />
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