The Choice tag represents a single choice for annotations. Use with the Choices tag or Taxonomy tag to provide specific choice options.


Param Type Description
value string Choice value
[selected] boolean Specify whether to preselect this choice on the labeling interface
[alias] string Alias for the choice. If used, the alias replaces the choice value in the annotation results. Alias does not display in the interface.
[style] style CSS style of the checkbox element
[hotkey] string Hotkey for the selection
[html] string Can be used to show enriched content, it has higher priority than value, however value will be used in the exported result (should be properly escaped)
[hint] string Hint for choice on hover
[color] string Color for Taxonomy item


Basic text classification labeling configuration

  <Choices name="gender" toName="txt-1" choice="single">
    <Choice value="Man" />
    <Choice value="Woman" />
    <Choice value="Nonbinary" />
    <Choice value="Other" />
  <Text name="txt-1" value="John went to see Mary" />
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