Check out release 1.6 with Video Object Tracking

Quick Start


Use the Ellipse tag to add an elliptical bounding box to an image. Use for bounding box image segmentation tasks with ellipses.

Use with the following data types: image


Param Type Default Description
name string Name of the element
toName string Name of the image to label
[opacity] float 0.6 Opacity of ellipse
[fillColor] string Ellipse fill color in hexadecimal
[strokeColor] string "#f48a42" Stroke color in hexadecimal
[strokeWidth] number 1 Width of the stroke
[canRotate] boolean true Show or hide rotation control
[smart] boolean Show smart tool for interactive pre-annotations
[smartOnly] boolean Only show smart tool for interactive pre-annotations


<!--Basic image segmentation with ellipses labeling configuration-->
  <Ellipse name="ellipse1-1" toName="img-1" />
  <Image name="img-1" value="$img" />