The Number tag supports numeric classification. Use to classify tasks using numbers.

Use with the following data types: audio, image, HTML, paragraphs, text, time series, video


Param Type Default Description
name string Name of the element
toName string Name of the element that you want to label
[min] number Minimum number value
[max] number Maximum number value
[step] number 1 Step for value increment/decrement
[defaultValue] number Default number value
hotkey string Hotkey for increasing number value
[required] boolean false Whether to require number validation
[requiredMessage] string Message to show if validation fails
[perRegion] boolean Use this tag to classify specific regions instead of the whole object


<!--Basic labeling configuration for numeric classification of text -->
  <Text name="txt" value="$text" />
  <Number name="number" toName="txt" max="10" />