Check out release 1.6 with Video Object Tracking

Quick Start


Use the Pairwise tag to compare two different objects and select one item from the list. If you want annotators to compare two objects and determine whether they are similar or not, use the Choices tag.

Use with the following data types: audio, image, HTML, paragraphs, text, time series, video


Param Type Description
name string Name of the element
toName string Comma-separated names of the elements you want to compare
[selectionStyle] string Style for the selection


<!--Basic labeling configuration to compare two passages of text -->
  <Header value="Select the more accurate summary"/>
  <Pairwise name="pairwise" leftClass="text1" rightClass="text2" toName="txt-1,txt-2"></Pairwise>
  <Text name="txt-1" value="Text 1" />
  <Text name="txt-2" value="Text 2" />


You can also style the appearance using the View tag:

  <Pairwise name="pw" toName="txt-1,txt-2"></Pairwise>
  <View style="display: flex;">
    <View style="margin-right: 1em;"><Text name="txt-1" value="$text1" /></View>
    <View><Text name="txt-2" value="$text2" /></View>