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The Paragraphs tag displays paragraphs of text on the labeling interface. Use to label dialogue transcripts for NLP and NER projects.
The Paragraphs tag expects task data formatted as an array of objects like the following:
[{ $nameKey: “Author name”, $textKey: “Text” }, … ]

Use with the following data types: text


Param Type Default Description
name string Name of the element
value string Data field containing the paragraph content
[valueType] json | url json Whether the data is stored directly in uploaded JSON data or needs to be loaded from a URL
audioUrl string Audio to sync phrases with
[showPlayer] boolean false Whether to show audio player above the paragraphs
[saveTextResult] no | yes yes Whether to store labeled text along with the results. By default, doesn’t store text for valueType=url
[layout] none | dialogue none Whether to use a dialogue-style layout or not
[nameKey] string "author" The key field to use for name
[textKey] string "text" The key field to use for the text

Sample Results JSON

Name Type Description
value Object
value.start number index of paragraph where the region starts
value.end number index of paragraph where the region ends (xpath)
value.startOffset number offset within start paragraph
value.endOffset number offset within end paragraph
[value.text] string text content of the region, can be skipped

Example JSON

  "value": {
    "start": 3,
    "end": 5,
    "startOffset": 2,
    "endOffset": 81,
    "paragraphlabels": ["Car"]


<!--Labeling configuration to label paragraph regions of text containing dialogue-->
  <Paragraphs name="dialogue-1" value="$dialogue" layout="dialogue" />
  <ParagraphLabels name="importance" toName="dialogue-1">
    <Label value="Important content"></Label>
    <Label value="Random talk"></Label>