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Quick Start


The View element is used to configure the display of blocks, similar to the div tag in HTML.


Param Type Description
display block | inline
[style] string CSS style string
[className] string Class name of the CSS style to apply. Use with the Style tag
[visibleWhen] region-selected | choice-selected | no-region-selected Show the contents of a view when condition is true
[whenTagName] string Narrow down visibility by tag name. For regions, use the name of the object tag, for choices, use the name of the choices tag.
[whenLabelValue] string Narrow down visibility by label value
[whenChoiceValue] string Narrow down visibility by choice value


Create two cards that flex to take up 50% of the screen width on the labeling interface

<View style="display: flex;">
  <View style="flex: 50%">
    <Header value="Facts:" />
    <Text name="text" value="$fact" />
  <View style="flex: 50%; margin-left: 1em">
    <Header value="Enter your question:" />
    <TextArea name="question" />